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Jean Tabaud at age 82

About this project

Jean Tabaud, age 81, with Elise
Dallemagne-Cookson at her home in
Cherry Valley, New York.
Christmas 1995
(one year prior to his death)

     Elise Dallemagne-Cookson, author of the text on this website, was working on her sixth book at the time of her death on November 30, 2005. It was to have been the biography of the internationally acclaimed French artist, Jean Tabaud.

Jean was born in France in 1914 and died in the United States in 1996. It will be based on their forty-year friendship, on his own memoir of his life in France as a prisoner of war during World War II, on letters he wrote to Elise throughout the years, and on the three unpublished, autobiographical novels he wrote in his retirement, which she inherited, together with 300 paintings and sketches he left in her care as the executrix of his estate.

     The purpose of this website is to honor the memory of this unique personality and great artist. And to enlist the assistance of members of the international community whose lives he touched.

     Jean Tabaud burned all letters and personal papers just days before taking his life. Therefore, the author has little to work from in constructing an in-depth biography. She would appreciate hearing from anyone who has known him and/or whose portrait he has executed, or inherited. Their comments, their remembrances of him, will be valued greatly and, if appropriate and with the letter writer's permission, will be included in his forthcoming biography.

     For contact information , link to our Contacts Page.

     Elise gratefully acknowledges the invaluable asistance of Jacques L'Heureux, webmaster, in the construction of this site, of Paul Schecter of Cherry Valley, New York, computer consultant, and of Sandra Bowen, Elise's assistant in the cataloguing of the Tabaud artwork.

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